Back of the Room Sales

For many event promoters the profitability of their event comes almost solely from their back of the room sales. At a good event it’s not unusual for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of transactions to occur.

If you’re putting on an event where a large volume of product purchases could occur at the back of your room it’s critical to make sure you communicate in advance with your merchant account provider if you’ve decided you’re going to process all the money yourself versus your speakers processing their own sales and paying you on the honor system.

You’ve got to make sure you have a merchant account that is properly classified to handle a large volume of transactions in a short period of time at a possibly higher then your usual average transaction value.

If you don’t, then consider contacting Speaker Fulfillment Services. We’ve got a specially classified merchant account that allows us to handle multiple speakers with high ticket prices over the course of the weekend. We’ve processed sales exceeding $750,000 at a single event without any issues.

Here’s how it works – we provide the merchant account and we also provide the staff to manage the sales table.  We collect all the monies, set up any necessary payment plans, handle refunds, and we take care of paying both you and your speakers so you can concentrate on putting on your best event possible.

For more information contact Bret Ridgway at 812-877-7100.